International activities

Department of Information Security and Telecommunications has a multiyear experience of training foreign students from six countries (Angola, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Congo, Russia, Uzbekistan) in "Telecommunications".

Our employees are constantly working on implementation of international academic exchanges.

профессор Рюдигер Гримм

For students of the Department of Information Security and Telecommunications was conducted a distance lecture on "Cyber Security Strategy" by Professor Rüdiger Grimm from the University of Koblenz-Landau (Universität Koblenz-Landau), Germany.

The lecture was held in the online mode. In its organization on the part of Germany participated graduates of the Faculty of Information Technology NMU, who continue their studies at the University of Koblenz-Landau.

проф. Г.Шмидт

The professor from the University of Ulm ( Baden-Wuerttemberg) Dr.-Ing. Georg Schmidt lectured to students of the Department.

The professor came to the National Mining University in the delegation of the University of Ulm Baden-Wurttemberg (Germany). The purpose of the visit of German scientists - working meetings with the leadership of the NMU and lectures and seminars for students and scholars of the Institute of Electricity NMU

Subject of lectures - Advanced Channel Coding. The contents of the lecture can be grouped into two blocks: iterative decoding methods and algebraic decoding methods. Lectures and seminars were carried out in English.

доктор В.Клейст

During Fulbright program of scientific and academic exchanges in 2018, the professor from University of West Virginia (USA) Virginia F. Kleist lectured and worked with students of the IST Department.

Dr. V. Kleist focused on improving the information technologies skills of bachelor and master degree graduates. Lectures and seminars were carried out in English. Mrs. V. Kleist has also consulted the department instructors on educational content and curriculum of training in information security.

Participation in conducting scientific research

Department’s scientific research significantly facilitates in presenting new solutions on problem subjects and help to solve the complex issue of production efficiency increasing. Scientific communications with foreign partners in general are carried out through such contacts on the faculty and around the university.

Projects of the Department were presented at an international business exhibition CeBIT (Germany, Hannover), including research and education portal of the Department and intellectual complex of information security for corporate info-communication systems.

In international relations department involves its teachers and students, as it’is confirmed by numerous publications on international conferences and seminars. Only in 2018/2019 academic year were over 50 publications.

The work on the materials preparation had been done, so that department scientific projects can be applied for grants within the international programs of NATO, the EU (FP7), Tempus etc.

The department also has extensive experience of working with Microsoft and IBM.