Korniienko Valerii Ivanovych

Doctor of Engineering Science, Professor

    Field of scientific activities: methods and algorithms of filtration, identification, synthesis of the optimal control and adaptation to create control systems, administration of telecommunication with intelligent predictive models; methods and means of monitoring information communication networks for attack detection and prevention systems.   

Room: 7/208 
Tel.: (056) 373-07-64 
E-mail: korniienko.v.i@nmu.one vikor7@ukr.net 
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Doctor of Engineering Science (2010), Professor (2018). Korniienko V.І. graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Mining Institute in 1979 in the specialty ‘Automation and Telemechanics’. Doctoral dissertation: “Automated systems of optimal control of ores large crushing and grinding processes”, specialty 05.13.07 “Automation of control processes”. He has been working as the Associate Professor and Professor of the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering since 2005, and as the Head of the Department of Information Security and Telecommunication since 2016. Certificate of advanced training ПК02070743/000217 dated 26.06.2020. CEFR certificate of English language proficiency at level B2 (№ 0315401DP71 dated March 30, 2018).

He teaches disciplines: Modeling complex nonlinear processes in cyber security, Systems Theory and Control, Modern Information Processing Methods.

Korniienko V.І. successfully combines pedagogic activity and researches. He trained 3 candidates of science. He has more than 150 scientific publications, including 6 tutorials, 2 monographs and 10 patents. His inventions were introduced in the Ukrainian space vehicle ‘Ocean-O’.