The History of our department

At the end of 50-th of XX c. became evident the importance and seriousness of electronics and computers applications in scientific research, engineering calculations, and solution of production management problems and automation of technological processes.

Professor V.I. Zhukovitsky Professor V.I. Zhukovitsky

Having regard to the discipline’s specific on industrial electronics and computer engineering, as well as the necessity for their inclusion into the workplans of all specialties, September 2, 1964 at the Electrical Engineering Faculty of the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute has established a special department of industrial electronics and computer technology.

Organization and management of the department was instructed the illustrious scientist and educator, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Vladimir Ivanovich Zhukovitsky. At the time the department consisted of, except the head, 2 docents and 5 assistants. The department was equipped with the first training lab of industrial electronics (12 workplaces) and computer engineering (7 workplaces). The department also included Research Laboratory of electronic computers and Computer Engineering.

Department  in 70th years
Department of Industrial Electronics and Computer Science in 70th years

Since the foundation to the present the members of the department have been and are conducting research in various scientific fields. In the early period of the department development were two basic directions of scientific work: “Development of methods and computer-aided design and management of mining enterprises with the use of computer technology” and “Development of technical means for automated control systems and control of mining enterprises”.

пprofessor  V. Bunko
professor V. Bunko
docent N. Tovstonog
docent N. Tovstonog
 docent A. Trach
docent A. Trach

Significant achievements in scientific and teaching activities the department staff was led by such academics as professor Bunko Viktor, docents Tovstonog Nicholay and Trach Anatoly, who headed the department from 1978 to 1993.

Professor G.V. Kuznetsov Professor G.V. Kuznetsov

Since 1988 the department has a new name Electronics and computer engineering.

1993 year - the beginning of a new stage in the history of the department. From 1993 to 2011 the department was headed by a distinguished scientist and educator, doctor of technical sciences, ProfessorGeorge V. Kuznetsov.

At that time the university was developing the work how to use the computer equipments and computer technologies in the educational process. New generation of computers - personal computers have come to replace outdated technologies.

In 1995 the university administration decided to transform department from special to producing department. In 1995 was created the speciality 7.080403 "Software Engineering" , and after that in 1996 was created the speciality 7.080401 "Information control systems and technologies". Specialities successfully passed the accreditation.

Having regard to the credibility of department’s scientists and researchers in information security in 1998, our department was one of the first departments in Ukraine, which had the right to train specialists in the field of "Information Security”:

  • 1998 - the speciality 7.160101 "The protection of information with restricted access and automation of its processing" ;
  • 2001 - the speciality .160105 “Information protection in computer systems and networks” ;
  • 2002 - the speciality 7.160104 “Administrative management in the protection of classified information” .

Having regard to the region's needs for specialists in the Telecommunications in 2003 was created the speciality 7.050903 "Telecommunication systems and networks" .

Thanks to the the department’s authority of scientists and experts and the impact of their research activities, in 1998 at the National Mining Academy of Ukraine was established Pridneprovsky Regional Science and Technology Center technical protection of information . By equipping the center and work in it were also attracted the most experienced professionals from «Yuzhnoye» Design Bureau, The A.M. Makarov Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant, The V.I. Lenin Dnipro Machine-Building Plant and other enterprises and organizations of the city.

During its existence the department has given life to many departments and units of the University. In 1970, at the department was organized Mathematical Methods section of Operations Research. Since September 1971, it stood out as a separate department with the same name (now Department of System Analysis and Control).

In 1970, instead of computer engineering laboratory at the department was organized the computer technology department, which consisted of state budgetary group of computers and computer equipment, also full-time staff, which was involved in the implementation of research projects.

In 1996, the part of the teaching staff has been allocated to organize at the Economics Faculty the Department of Economic Cybernetics and Information Technologies.

In 2003, the part of the teaching staff has been allocated to organize at the Information Technology Faculty the Software Engineering Department, which trained specialists in the "Computer Science" field.

Since December 2012 the Department has the new name of Information Security and Telecommunications.