Olishevskyi Illia Hennadiiovych

 Olishevskyi Illia Hennadiiovych

Assistant Professor of the Department of Information Security and Telecommunications




Google Academy


Education and Career

In 2018 he graduated with honors from the Dnipro University of Technology, majoring in 141 Power Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Electromechanics. Since February 2019 he has been an assistant at the Department of Information and Telecommunication Security. Since October 2019 he has been studying at the postgraduate course of Dnipro University of Technology in the specialty 151 Automation and computer-integrated technologies. Theme of the dissertation: "Increasing of efficiency of the automated control of thermal work of the units of high power of industrial and household purpose".

In 2019 he passed the English language exam and obtained the CEFR certificate for B2 level.

In December 2020 he was elected as the Head of the Council of young scientists of Dnipro University of Technology.

Educational activities

Information Technology

Theory of electrical circuits and signals

Electronics and Circuitry

Digital signal processing

Data transmission systems

Programming and algorithmic languages

Research activities

He is active in scientific activities, regularly participates in international conferences, publishes articles and works on patents. He is the supervisor of 10 student research papers at international English-language conferences, 4 of which have received awards with various formulations. Scientific interests: automation of control processes, energy saving.

Publications and patents

Nine articles have been published in professional journals and 24 abstracts have been presented at conferences of international and national level. Received 2 patents, 2 more patents are being examined. There are 13 methodological recommendations for laboratory work.