Олішевський Ілля Геннадійович

Postgraduate of the Department of Information Security and Telecommunications




Education and Career

In 2018 he graduated from the National Technical University "Dniprovsk Polytechnic" with a specialty "Telecommunication Systems and Networks" and gained a qualification as a professional in the field of electronics and telecommunications.

 From 2018 to the present time I study in full-time postgraduate study at NTU "Dniprovska Polytechnic" in the specialty "Automation and Computer Integrated Technologies"

Educational activities

Participation in the exams and assessment of the examinations of the subjects "Signals and processes in radio engineering and communication", "Systems of control of telecommunication systems and networks". 

 Participation in the analysis of examination tickets for the discipline "Signals and Processes in Radio Engineering and Communication". 

 Participation in the modernization of exam tickets for the discipline "Management systems for telecommunication systems and networks".

 Attending classes of leading specialists of the department and faculties:

 1. Prof.  Kornienko VI  discipline "Modern methods of information processing".

 2. Prof.  Gusev O.Yu.  discipline "Management systems of telecommunication systems and networks".

 3. Associate Professor Bublikov AV  "Intelligent Support Systems Decision Making in Uncertainty".

 Preparation of a lecture on the topic "Automation of the process management of industrial units of high power on the example of a blast furnace".  (2020, teaching practice)

 Conducting classes in the period from 10/02/2020 to 03/02/2020 within the framework of teaching practice in groups 172-19m-1.

Research activities

 Writing a dissertation on the topic "Management of the thermal state of the blast furnace furnace using fractal analysis methods"

 Writing articles on the topic of the thesis.

 Writing abstracts on the topic of the thesis.

International activities

Participated in 3 international conferences during his undergraduate and graduate studies.

Publications and patents

2 abstracts have been written and published in Widening Our Horizons