Department of Information Security and Telecommunications consider as its main priority the training of specialists with higher education in the fields of 12 "Information Technology" and 17 "Electronics and Telecommunications"; Training is carried out in such specialties, which names are formulated according to the existing standards:

125 ybersecurity
172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

The curricula for the two specialties infer providing multi-level training for bachelors and master's degrees students and comply with the educational and professional programs, approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Masters training is provided with in-depth knowledge of modern achievements in their respective spheres of activity. Completing a master's thesis defense finishes the master's training.

In addition to communication in the university, teachers of the department regularly visit a hostel which is located close to the academic buildings of the University, where live about 25% of students studying at the department. They are interested in living conditions, and, if necessary, - provide help in solving the everyday problems.

The total floor space of 1000 m2, including 880 m2 of laboratories, which is used for the learning process, which is 88% of the total area of the department.

Department of Information Security and Telecommunications has 8 teaching laboratories equipped with modern computing, microelectronics and microprocessor technologies. The department also has its own local network of four computer labs, connected to the university network with access to a global computer network, INTERNET. Classes are equipped with more than 70 modern computers. Teachers of the department are thoroughly trained in modern integrated software tools, computer technologies and automated control systems.