6.170103 - "Information Security Management"

"Information Security Management" is a new bachelor preparation program of higher education in Ukraine in the "Information Security" field of knowledge. The feature of the program is experts’ preparation in the management of information security, which is well grasped in programming and computer technology, technical protection of information, cryptography, legal and economic aspects of information security. These specialists organize security services for enterprises. The deficiency of highly skilled professionals in information protection is tangible in our time not only in the Dnepropetrovsk region, but also in Ukraine generally. National Mining University is the exclusive educational institution in the region, which prepares the masters in the aforesaid preparation level.

The experts, who got education in the National Mining University on "Information Security Management" program will be able to work as: information security managers, administrators in information security issues, analysts on information protection, employees of information security in groups of any commercial, financial, industrial, research institutions and enterprises, employees of the regional centers of information protection, which network is being created throughout the country. The most prepared graduates after traineeship can begin their research or teaching practice at the university and research organizations.

The presentations of diploma works made by the best students:

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