6.170101 - Security of Information and Communication Systems

Security of Information and Communication Systems - is a new bachelor preparation program of higher education in Ukraine in the "Information Security" field of knowledge. The feature of the program is experts preparation in the field of information security, which is well grasped in the methodology and technology, development and operation of integrated security systems, sources and methods of threats influence on the state information security facilities, computing facilities of information systems used in the internal affairs agencies. To ensure the security of information and communication systems are required highly skilled specialists, the deficiency of whom is noticeable not only in the Dnepropetrovsk region, but also in Ukraine generally. The National Mining University is the exclusive educational institution in the region, which prepares the masters in above-mentioned program.

The specialists, who got education in the National Mining University on "Security of information and communication systems" program, will be able to work as: security administrators, engineers on information protection in computer systems, employees of information security groups in any commercial, financial, industrial, analytical and other institutions and enterprises, which have information and communication systems; staff of the regional centers with information security. After the traineeship the most prepared graduates will be able to begin researching and teaching at the university and other higher education institutions.

The presentations of diploma works made by the best students: