Assistant Professor of the Department of Information Security and Telecommunications




Google Academy


Education and Career

In 2002 he graduated from the Oles Honchar Dnipropetrovsk National University, a graduate of the Optoelectronics Department; specialty - "Applied Physics and Research Fellow".

On September 1, 2002 he was hired at the National Mining University to become the head of the laboratory, with the assistance of the assistant of the EOT department. September 2003 was transferred to the position of assistant of the EOT department.

2009 - 2012 - full-time postgraduate study at the National Mining Academy. 

The total length of service is 18 years, the length of scientific and pedagogical work is 14 years

Educational activities

He teaches "Computing and Microprocessors", "Power Supply of Communication Systems", "Optical Technologies in Telecommunication Systems and Networks", "Mobile Communication Systems", "Directional Electrical and Optical Communication Systems", "Telecommunication Transmission Systems". 

Research activities

Research on methods of signal transmission, processing and conversion in telecommunication systems and networks; research of models of thermal processes of high power power units.

International  activities

Participation in international seminars and conferences.

Publications and patents

Author and co-author of over 20 publications and patents for invention and utility model.

Certification training

Сertificate of advanced training 12SPK 810077 from 06.07.2015, State Higher Educational Institution "National Mining University"