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Education and Career

In 1972 he graduated from the Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute in the specialty Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Installations and obtained the qualification of an electrical engineer.

In 1972-1974 served in the Armed Forces.

In 1974-1986 worked as an engineer, senior engineer, junior researcher in the Research Sector of the Department of Electric Drive of Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute.

In 1980-1984 studied at the postgraduate course of Dnepropetrovsk Mining Institute.

In 1986 he defended his dissertation for the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences. Sciences in specialty 05.09.03 "Electrical equipment (industry)", topic of the thesis "Two-motor controlled electric drive of drum washers with intensified means of erosion".

From 1986 he worked as an assistant, and from 1989 till now I am an assistant professor at the National Technical University "Dniprovsk Polytechnic".

The experience of scientific-pedagogical activity is more than 38 years, the total experience of work is more than 53 years.

Educational activities

Teaches subjects: "Fundamentals of Circuitry", "Electronics and Chips", "Systems of switching and distribution of information", "Terminal devices of subscriber access".

Research activities

In research activities, the main topic is the electrical equipment of mining and concentrating machines, as well as the question of propagation of radio waves in difficult urban development conditions.

Conducts student research papers presented at national and international conferences.

International activities

International activities

Participated in 3 international conferences.

Publications and patents

Holds 2 patents of Ukraine and 6 copyright certificates of the USSR. The total number of publications in the years of its activity is about 50.

Certification training

Certificate of qualification 12SPK 810049 from 06.07.2015, State Higher Education Institute "National Mining University".