172 Telecommunications and Radio Engineering

"Telecommunications and Radio Engineering" - is a new bachelor preparation program of higher education in Ukraine in the “Electronics and Telecommunications” field of knowledge. Today telecommunications facilities are at the stage of the revolutionary transformation which involves systems and network communications and information services, which they produced. According to the global forecast in a few years more than 70% of specialists, who are engaged in world production, will work in the telecommunication sphere. The deficiency of highly skilled professionals, who are good at telecommunication systems and conversion networks, information processing and information transmission, is noticeable nowadays not only in the Dnepropetrovsk region, but also in Ukraine generally.

The professionals, who got education in the National Mining University on “Telecommunications and Radio Engineering” program, will be able to work as: engineers (administrators, managers) of telecommunication systems and networks, as research engineers in the telecommunications sphere and other different fields which using modern information technology. They will be able to work on the radio and television, telecommunications and postal service engineers, engineers and researchers in the electronics and telecommunications field, telecommunications inspectors, chief communications managers. The most prepared graduates after traineeship are engaged in research or teaching practice.

Спеціальність телекомунікації та радіотехніка

The presentations of diploma works made by the best students: