Babenko Tetyana Vasylivna

Babenko Tetyana Vasylivna

Doctor of Technical Sciences, professor

Research interests: information security, telecommunication systems and communications, technological automation processes, creation of intelligent decision systems.

Office: 7/208
Telephone number: (0562) 373-07-64

Babenko Tetyana is working in the National Mining University since 1996, and since 1997 heads of the University's Information Computer Complex. In 2008, an active scientific work of Babenko T.V. was confirmed by a successful defense of her doctoral dissertation and receival of the degree of Doctor of Science.

Since 2011 Babenko T.V. has served as head of the Department of Information Security and Telecommunications. In addition, Babenko T.V. is a supervisor of Pridnieprovskiy Regional Science and Technology Center of Information Security.

Prof. Babenko teaches the students at a high scientific and pedagogical level, manages course and diploma projects, conducts methodical developments, and pays great attention to finding and educating gifted students. She takes part in the specialized scientific council D 08.080.07 of specialty 05.13.07 "Automation of technological processes".

карточка ISACA

Also Babenko T.V. has a status of ISACA Academic Consultant - worldwide famous organization, dedicated to developing methodologies and standards in management, audition and security of Information Technologies.